How to Use Snapchat Map: Snapchat is coming to the best features like new Snap Map that allows you to view displayed Snaps and your friends on a map. Here, you can see how to use Snapchat Map.

Snapchat has launched a new feature like track other Snapchat users on a map. Also, use the Snap Map to view their snaps also you can see events and many more.

How to Use Snapchat Map 

How to Use a Snapchat Map

However, Snap Map is available now also How to use Snapchat map, see below very easy steps.

Step 1: First, update your Snapchat.

Step 2: Now, launch the app and using two fingers perform on the screen.

Step 3: After, Snap Map comes too automatically.

Step 4: Now, Choose Only Me also My Friends or Select Friends.

Step 5: After, click next.

Step 6: Snapchat to add a Snap to the map.

Step 7: After, You add to Our Story than My Story.

Step 8: Now, Click Finish.

Step 9: Now, you see a map of your location.

Step 10: Also any friends or featured Snaps nearby see in roundels.

Step 11: Now, click roundel to view.

Step 12: Also, You click on the Search bar to see Featured Stories.

Step 13: Now, change your location sharing privacy options click the Settings at the top.

How to Use Snapchat Map

Step 14: After, enable Ghost mode or choose My Friends and Select Friends.

Step 15: Now, ads Snap to map after tap usual shutter button to come the usual Snapchat camera.

Step 16: You can add a filter if you like and click the Shutter button to take the photo.

Step 17: Now, add you’re snap to map tap the send button.

How to Use a Snapchat Map

Step 18: After, then select Our Story.

Step 19: Done.

How to Find Your Friends on Snap Map

However, Snapchat map user gets Bitmoji of choice also decides to link your account with Bitmoji service. But not link their account after assigned a simple blank Bitmoji. And you are finding your friends on Snapchat Maps check below Steps.

Step 1: First, Launch Camera screen.

Step 2: After, Tap on Bitmoji for your friends.

Step 3: Now, Start a chat and after see location.

Step 4: Done.

Final Words

However, mentioned all the steps in How to Use Snapchat Map and you read above guide that is very helpful for you.