How to Use PS4 Controller

Ps4 controller is one of the best achievements by Sony which has improved the sensitivity and shape of the controller than the previous models. People always ask for how to use PS4 Controller on PC which provides the same function as this controller has been used in Play station 4.

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC

So we researched and came with this article that there are two ways that we can connect and use PS4 controller on pc, one is wired, and another one is wireless connectivity. The steps we define in this article will give you full control as you had in the PlayStation 4.

Wired connection for PS4 Controller on PC

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC Things Need

1#. Play station 4 charging cable.

2#. Micro USB to USB cable which is also be found on our smartphone charger.

How to use PS4 controller on PC with the wired connection

Step 1: First, Plug in the smartphone charging cable at the bottom of the PS4 controller.

Step 2: Now take the USB end and connect it with the Laptop USB port.

Note: When you complete the step#2 the PC will indicate the sound that it has connected and the PS4 controller indication light will be on which say it is ready.

This shows that your PS4 controller is connected with wired connectivity.

Wireless Connection for PS4 Controller on PC

How to Use PS4 Controller on PC

Things Need

1#. Need the Bluetooth connection which connects the controller to the Laptop or PC.

How to use PS4 controller on PC with the wireless connection

Step 1:  First, you have to turn on the Bluetooth from your laptop or PC by following these steps Windows > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth.

Step 2:  After turn on the Bluetooth from your PC, it will search that Bluetooth device to connect.

Now from the PS4 Controller hold down the Play station button and share button for five seconds.

Note: You will see while holding both the button the indicator light will flashing which means that your device Bluetooth mode is on.

Step 3: Nor from the PC Bluetooth Room as we had already open in the step#1, here click on add Bluetooth device and search for Bluetooth device and you will see on your laptop screen that the Bluetooth search area will show the wireless controller named of your PS4 controller, click it.

Step 4: After the step#3 you will see the green indication light which means that your PS4 controller is connected and ready to use.

How to Use PS4 Controller

To check that this PS4 Controller is working or not we tested on the streaming account, here we go to settings > control setting > and saw that the PS4 configuration support option was already there, so we check on it, which help us to use the PS4 Controller on PC.

Now click on the deducted controller to identify my PS4 Controller, so I click on the identity controller it rumbles a little bit on my hand while I click on the designated button.

In this option, you can change the name, colour of the indication light and some other smart features that you should check it out.

Final Words

However, the above-mentioned Steps for How to Use PS4 Controller on PC and you read above guide that is very helpful for you. And if any question or answer, please feel free to use comment box we are waiting for your message.